SEO Operating System

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The SEO OS features over 100+ Notion templates to help you grow and build your way to HUGE amounts of organic traffic, engaged visitors, and paying customers.

Why did I make this?

The SEO OS is something that I have been building since I started working in SEO over five years ago. I was always looking for a place to keep everything from content, keywords, and client audits in a single place.

Over time I found Notion to be the perfect place for this. This finished product results from over five years of optimization for an SEO workflow that will help you rank higher for search.

Over the years, I have also learned and collated many resources included in this. I wanted to help people get started and smash SEO - so I included some of these resources into the premium version.


- Workspace to help manage all aspects of content production, from inception to publication

- SEO research hub to centralize research, SEO knowledge and do keyword research

- Outreach - Email copy, tactics, and tools to smash off-page SEO

- Resources - all the content you need to become an expert in the space

- Site Health Checklist - over 100 technical SEO tasks to get your site in great shape with instructions and videos

- Guest post list - Over 1000 sites that accept guest posts with contact information

- 100 link building strategies

This is for you if:

- You're interested in SEO & content marketing

- You like to hack your way to growth.

- You want to find link building opportunities, guest posts, and more off-page success

- You want to improve your on-page SEO

- You write content

- Your part of an SEO or content agency

- You want to centralize your SEO and content efforts

- You want to manage research, outreach, and production

- You want frameworks to help you get more traffic

- You want to learn more about how to get started with SEO

With over half of online traffic coming from search engines, there's never been a better time to take advantage and learn to master SEO. The SEO OS will help you stay organized and grow quicker.

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SEO Operating System

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